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Welcome to the University of Miami's
Radar Meteorology Group's Website

Within this site you can access our inventory of data from the Research Projects our lab has been involved in. The research group is led by Dr. Bruce Albrecht and Dr. Pavlos Kollias and consists of graduate students, technicians, and other researchers who collect, analyze, and interpret the meteorological data. Our main instruments are radars, but we conduct research with wind profilers, ceilometers, and sky imagers in association with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

To navigate this site, the menus above will allow you to link to any portion of the site. The Research Projects menu has two levels of submenus, the first set of menus will guide you to the main pages of the specific research projects (e.g., the AMF 2005) or, below each research project, there are links to specific areas about the project. In these submenus are the links to the data plots available. Each Research Project is defined by a calendar of available data. To browse the data, select a specific day you would like to view.